Hi there.

OK – so this is really a blog, but will I use it as such? I can’t say, except that time will tell!Anyway – Hi, thanks for dropping by and feel free to leave a comment.




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Reader, Writer, Arithmeticer. Not always in that order.
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4 Responses to Hello!

  1. Lexi (spotty leopard) says:


    I’ve just wandered over from YWO, having read the start of Depot 573 and enjoyed it. I have to admit it deserves its place in the chart above mine, dammit!


  2. DJPaterson says:

    Hi Lexi

    Thanks for your kind comments. I have found YWO very useful, and picked up some very good tips (that influenced my rewrite) from the first draft I posted there. I also found some widely contrasting reviews, so I also know that the placing in the chart on YWO does include a huge element of luck – i.e. the difference between getting someone who likes the genre and someone who doesn’t can make a big difference to the markes they give you – even though it shouldn’t!

    I will endeavour to have a read of your extract over the next few days.

    Thanks once again.



  3. julie griffin says:

    hi just read anniversary out of curiosity and I quite liked it especially the twist at the end, these type of short stories appear in girlie mags such as Bella and Best have you tried them yet? Keep going I am sure you will get somewhere in the end.


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