Brum, Brum!


Thursday evening was spent at a tiny library in Great Barr, Birmingham, listening to Meg Gardiner talk about why crime fiction is so popular. It was a fantastic evening listening to, and asking questions of, a first class UK based American crime fiction author. Meg has recently come to a lot of people’s attention after being championed by one of the world’s most popular authors, Stephen King (cue Wayne’s World style “We’re not worthy!”).  


After giving Meg and her husband, Paul, a lift back to their hotel (in what felt like a surreal re-enactment of Roger Moore’s James Bond Citroen 2CV car chase) I got the opportunity to spend some time & chat with them both on a wide range of subjects, including books, writing, kids, Stephen King (the story of Meg’s first meeting with Stephen King last year is great!), Karate, Shaun of the Dead – and even Yetis, but perhaps it’s best if we don’t go there.

The kidnapping came as a complete surprise, though.


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