Grammar humbug

In what she’s dubbed Grammar Humbug Week, Meg Gardiner asks what grammar atrocity annoys you the most? Despite being a relatively recent perpetrator of most crimes against the English language, my own pet hate is the missing apostrophe.  I find this more annoying than the atrocious additional apostrophe. Just.

I have even taken to stopping the car to photograph signs that are a little lacking in punctuation – surely a prerequisite for a signwriter should be an English qualification?

This one was at a day out to Legoland with the kids:


And this one was taken when driving to work a little while ago: 


And I thought it was just doctor’s handwriting that was bad! I’m wondering if my new found obsession is an age thing? It could be, I guess – I’m 40 today!


About djpaterson

Reader, Writer, Arithmeticer. Not always in that order.
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3 Responses to Grammar humbug

  1. Meg Gardiner says:

    Happy birthday, DJ!

  2. prospectus says:

    DJ, happy birthday! Give me a shout if you want a chisel to do something about those absent apostrophes.

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