Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, everyone – I hope your holiday break was better than mine – I won’t bore you with the continuing tales of woe that befell the Paterson household over the Christmas period.

I’m not normally one for making New Year’s Resolutions, but let’s see if I can stick to these.  


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3 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Here’s one for you.
    A woman confided to me yesterday that she’s a correct grammar stickler.
    ‘Between you and I,’ she said, ‘people that can’t even use their own language properly really get on my wick.’
    I think she might have meant wick-et, as in sticky.

  2. djpaterson says:

    I was almost at the point of hitting the send button earlier this week when I realised that three references to ‘principals’ I had made in an email should in fact have been ‘principles’.


  3. djpaterson says:

    Oh, and the New Year’s resolutions are doing dreadfully, with the exception of ‘Read more’.

    ‘Cycle Every Week’ – hampered by ill health – the children’s and my own, although things are looking up.

    ‘Write more’ – Ditto

    ‘Cut the Junk’ – mmmm. Variable levels of success, but I have been encouraged by the tail end of a programme I caught earlier in the week about pockets of centenarians.

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