Seasonal apostrophe errors

Bill Stong of Phoenix Hall Writers, has sent me a couple of apostrophe violation photos from across the pond:


Did you spot both in the second photo?

Thanks, Bill, and a Happy New Year.


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2 Responses to Seasonal apostrophe errors

  1. wbnero says:

    It confuses me when the business’ owners have debated apostrophe use in the name and decided against it. I know with these little family-run deals, it’s not a consideration. But a lot of nonprofits drop the apostrophe. Like where I work. We’re an “officers” association — not “officers’.” What?

  2. djpaterson says:

    Must add a photo of a couple of related coach businesses near me. Both use similar fonts in their logos, are next door to each other, and one uses an apostrophe and the other’s is noticable by its absence. Makes me smile every time I drive past.

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