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Your type just ain’t welcome round here…

Looks like a campaign against Vincent Connare’s font, Comic Sans, is gaining momentum for some reason: I have no strong feelings either way, although I don’t like to see it used in formal documents (and perhaps even get a … Continue reading

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Map my…Murder!

Wow – Google maps are being used for all manner of purposes nowadays. I find great for working out not only how many miles I’ve managed to pedal my bike, but also how many Mars bars I can eat as a result. … Continue reading

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Grisly end…

Criminals and other ne’er-do-wells in Bedfordshire, England need to be on their best behaviour for fear of a certain grisly end. The Police Authority have just appointed Alfred Hitchcock as their new Chief Constable: Clearly he isn’t the Alfred Hitchcock. … Continue reading

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Harry Plotter!

As someone interested in the craft of writing (and who uses Excel on a daily basis for a very different reason), seeing one of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Plot Spreadsheets is very cool:

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Wow – this great story about Captain Jack Sparrow turning up at a London primary school has set me up for the day: Johnny Depp is a legend!

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