The Wind Through the Keyhole. And me!

Ha! I am on the (back) cover of the new Stephen King Dark Tower novel, The Wind Through The Keyhole!

OK, so not just me…!i=219


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2 Responses to The Wind Through the Keyhole. And me!

  1. …I cant be the only person that,having read “The Dome” a few weeks ago,and nearly all Stephen King’s books,and now half way through “the wind through the keyhole” can see the incredible difference in feeling between his Dark Tower books and his “others”…its as though he writes Dark Tower books as though he loves them,and totally knows the DT universe,and the others as pleasing an audience…I dont know,I’m not saying it properly,but its as if S.King really enjoys visiting Mid-World….it seems really natural.

  2. djpaterson says:

    I personally can’t see the difference (and loved The Dome), but I guess it’s understandable that he enjoys visiting Mid-World – he’s been going there for long enough.

    Hi, and thanks for the comment, by the way.

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