It’s only bloody Ian Rankin!

Tuesday saw Ian Rankin come to town to promote Rebus’s comeback in Standing in Another Man’s Grave. Early attendance (and no mates) meant I could bag a front row seat (in what turned out to be a packed house).

It was a great evening listening to ‘the master’, who is clearly a really nice guy.

I’d managed to watch the BBC documentary about his writing the book beforehand (not so easy from New Zealand) and was a little surprised to see the struggle he had to get started, and the doubt he suffered during the writing process – particularly at page 65, the place where his notes run out. I asked him about this, and said I was a little surprised that someone with nearly 30 books under their belt he would feel that way.

“It never gets any easier,” was his response.

Ian writes like Stephen King – with no detailed plan plotted out. He often doesn’t discover ‘whodunnit’ until close to the end of the book. For a crime novel, I find that quite amazing. But then again, Ian Rankin is a pretty amazing author.




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2 Responses to It’s only bloody Ian Rankin!

  1. It’s good to meet other authors, loved Rebus.

  2. amitbaruah says:

    Reblogged this on Bharatnama – A Journey Through India and commented:
    My favourite writer!

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