Paragraph Planet. Again.


Where have I been? I know, and you probably don’t care. But it doesn’t really matter where I’ve been, but more what I have been up to. And that’s writing. A little. And planning my writing. A lot. And the other day I caught a tweet by Paragraph Planet and decided to write another 75-worder. It’s been published today (although this link takes you to the current day’s paragraph, so if it is no longer today, you may get confused as the paragraph you will see won’t be mine. Unless I’ve written another that they’ve published and you have hit this on the right day!). Update: It’s now in the June archive (June 12th).

So if it’s not there, I have reproduced it below. 75 words. See what you think.


Another Day

Five-thirty am. I knew that without opening my eyes. The warmth of summer’’s first light fell across my face through the gap in the curtains. The gap that always appeared no matter how carefully I had closed them. With the end of spring, the dawn chorus seemed quieter, and for that I was grateful. I listened until I could hear her faint breaths, and smiled. I had at least one more day with her. 

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