Just Read… From the Cradle, by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards


This is the fourth book by Voss and Edwards (who have also written a number of solo novels between them), and follows DI Patrick Lennon as he tries to find three separately abducted children and return them to their parents.

The prologue delivers Lennon’s backstory with a wallop – and give us a powerful insight into the issues that Lennon must deal with on a personal level as the book progresses. Chapter 1 is set eighteen months later as we move into the story proper, which covers every parent’s nightmare – child abduction. It’s not long before a body is found and Lennon finds himself working against the clock, as well as a jealous colleague.

The book is fast paced and excellently written. I’m not sure how easy it would be to write in collaboration with someone else, but Voss and Edwards sure know the secret. Despite the trickiness of the subject (being a parent does help you identify with the families of the abductees on a very personal level), I really enjoyed the book, which is a good mix of thriller and police procedural.

The ending sees Lennon’s domestic life thrown the curved ball that we have watched being wound up as he tries to balance work and his unique domestic set-up. This gives me a lot of hope for another book featuring DI Lennon, as I’m keen to see how that one plays out. Great book – loved it.


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