Book Launch Party – From The Cradle

From the Cradle

From the Cradle

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to attend the book launch party for From The Cradle, by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards (the post below is my review of that book – it’s a good job it is fab!). I only ‘know’ Louise and Mark through their books, and of course social media, so it was great to meet them ‘in real life’.

Mark and Louise

Mark and Louise

I’m not the best in social situations where I don’t really know many people (unlike my wife, who can work a room like she owns the place), but there were a few people I knew would be attending (again, people I only know via Twitter), and once people started arriving, I recognised quite a few more. So I had a great evening meeting people who I knew via Twitter: Susi Holliday (@SJIHolliday), Mel Sherratt (@writermels); Sharon Sant (@SharonSant); Lloyd Paige (@lloydpaige); and Joanna Penn (@thecreativepenn). I also met some lovely people who I’d not come across before: Lynne Milford (@LMMilford); Ian (@imdambassador); Liz Barnsley (@Lizzy11268) Anne Coates (@Anne_Coates1); Pete Sortwell (@petesortwell); and Daniel Pembrey (@DPemb).  And of course the only person who I’d actually met in the flesh before, the lovely and talented Jane Isaac (@JaneIsaacAuthor). If I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m truly sorry – I’m blaming the free-flowing wine!

Mel, Sharon, Anne and Lynne

Mel, Sharon, Anne and Lynne

The crime fiction community comprises such a fantastic group of people.  Thanks so much to Mark (@mredwards) and Louise (@LouiseVoss1) for the invite – I had an amazing night.

I recommend that you buy From the Cradle – it’s a great read, and is currently sitting at No.1 in Amazon’s Police Procedurals.

Oh, and the camera on my phone is rubbish, so I have pilfered other people’s photos for this post (and have credited them in each photo), so thanks!

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