Just read… Databyte, by Cat Connor


Databyte is the sixth book in Cat Connor’s ‘Byte’ series, which started with Killerbyte.  The series focuses on FBI Special Agent, Ellie Conway, and Databyte opens with a DC detective wanting to question her about a hand that had been found; a hand that just happens to have belonged to her ex, Eddie Connelly.

With an ex-mother-in-law baying for Ellie’s blood, photo evidence arriving at regular intervals of Ellie holding Eddie’s hand in various locations (without Eddie attached, of course) and a boss who hates her, Ellie soon finds herself on the run. And as if that wasn’t complicating her life enough, she has a celebrity in tow whose life is in danger from a stalker who’s followed him from LA.

While trying to keep both herself and her charge safe, Ellie comes across a syndicate which has strong links with some of the terrible events of her past, and looks set to disrupt her future even more.

As with all of Cat’s books, Databyte is a roller-coaster from the word go. It seems all the books I have read and reviewed lately are fast-paced, but Databyte takes things up a gear.

If you like your thrillers, thrilling, you won’t go far wrong with the Byte series.


Cat Connor is a New Zealand based writer who I am good friends with from the quirky and wonderful writers’ group she founded, Writers’ Plot.

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