Just read… No Other Darkness, by Sarah Hilary


Okay, finished a few weeks ago, but am just getting the time to write a review:

No Other Darkness is the follow -up to the critically acclaimed Richard and Judy favourite, Someone Else’s Skin, and sees the return of protagonist, Marnie Rome. The corpses of two small children are found buried in a long-forgotten bunker in a London back garden. With no sign of foul play, DI Rome and her team set about trying identify the children, and work out how they ended up there in the first place – and why nobody reported them missing.

This is a fantastic second book by Hilary. We get to delve a little deeper into both Marnie Rome’s and her sidekick, Noah Blake’s past and personal lives. The mystery of the 5-year-old corpses provides a compelling hook, and the plotting and quality of writing carry the reader along nicely. Just when I thought everything seemed obvious, a twist came along that I did not see coming. This book takes you through some difficult themes: mental illness and the death of children, but everything is confidently dealt with.

This is a great book, and my first strong recommendation for 2015.

No Other Darkness was provided as a free Advance Reader Copy (ARC) by the author, and is due to be published in April 2015.

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4 Responses to Just read… No Other Darkness, by Sarah Hilary

  1. I loved Someone Else’s Skin so know this will also be a great read and am looking forward to it.

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