Just read.. some Jack Reacher books.


I started reading Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels quite late in the day. Early 2012, I think. And when I did, I was hooked and read the first 14 in about 6 weeks!  I then took a break. Not because I’d had enough. No, far from it. More because I thought I needed to ration them a little better. Okay, a lot better. I read book 15 last year, and after a 2-year break, I did well to resist the next one. But I did. Until now. Because I was given books 16, 17 and 18 for Christmas. They’re pictured above. I had some ARCs to read and review, so they lay unopened until two weeks ago. Well, a week and a half. And then I read The Affair. It’s a Jack Reacher novel. It’s fantastic. I love Jack Reacher novels. So I read A Wanted Man. It’s fantastic. I love Jack Reacher novels. So I read Never Go Back. It’s fantastic. I love Jack Reacher novels. Can you sense a theme here?

I don’t have Personal (book 19), which is a good job, otherwise I would be reading that instead of typing this. I’m going to wait for a little bit before I buy that. A few weeks, maybe.

And I hadn’t realised that Never Go Back is the next Jack Reacher movie. Did you see the first? Based on the book One Shot. Now a lot of people were not happy with the choice of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. I mean 5′ 7″ vs 6′ 5″; it’s quite a difference. But actually I like Tom Cruise, and I like Tom Cruise movies. So did he make a good Jack Reacher for me? Yes, I think he did. Obviously a different Jack Reacher to the character in the books, but nevertheless, I think he was good, so I enjoyed the movie. A lot.

Anyway, one thing’s for certain. I will have read Personal by Saturday 25th April. Because that’s when I’m going to see Lee Child, in conversation with another  of my favourite authors, Mark Billingham, at ChipLitFest: http://www.chiplitfest.com/events/lee-child-in-conversation-with-mark-billingham.

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  1. Archon's Den says:

    I only discovered Jack Reacher when the little couch-jumper orangutan was named to do the movie, late 2013? Always the poster child for delayed gratification, I rotated Lee Child’s books with Clive Cussler, Steve Berry, Gregg Loomis, and a couple of other prolific writers, and read 10 Jack Reachers, out of my total of 34 books for 2014, doing (my style) book reviews on three of them.
    One so far in ’15. I’m up to ‘Gone Tomorrow’, with several more waiting on the shelf. I’ve noticed a few mistakes and questionable plot devices, but, overall, Child is a good, attention-holding author, and the Reacher series is very enjoyable, and worthwhile. 🙂

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