Book launch – Black Wood by SJI Holliday

Black Wood

I reviewed Black Wood by SJI (Susi) Holliday a few weeks ago, and on Wednesday I was lucky enough to attend its official launch at Waterstones Chiswick, in that there London.


Susi was interviewed by Martyn Waites, so I was expecting good things, and was not disappointed; it was both interesting and entertaining!



All in all a great evening. It was good to meet Susi again, and lovely to be there for the launch of her debut novel. It was also great to catch up with lots of writer friends, including Jane Isaac, Louise Voss, Ian Patrick, Keith Walters, Lynne Milford and Pete Sortwell. I thought I saw Stav Sherez from a distance too, but that might have been my mind playing tricks on me…

I’ve pinched a few pics from Jane’s website: Me, Ian and Pete, and the same shot but with me behind the camera and Jane in front.



If you haven’t read Black Wood, it’s out now!


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