Just read… Only The Brave by Mel Sherratt

Only The Brave

If there’s something I like to do on holiday, it’s catch up with my reading. And I’m pleased that my latest trip was no exception, so expect a flurry of reviews. The first is for Mel Sherratt‘s Only The Brave. I’d actually started this some time ago, but life got in the way of finishing it, so it was top of the list when I arrived in France.

This is Mel’s seventh novel, and the third in her Allie Shenton series, which started in 2012 with the best-selling Taunting The Dead. Although each book can be read as a standalone, there are a few threads running through the series, so I’d advise reading them in order, especially as Only The Brave sees a number of these threads brought to conclusion.

Local ‘wide-boy’ Jordan Johnson is found murdered outside notorious block of flats, Harrison House, and DS Allie Shenton is tasked with investigating. With strong links to Terry Ryder, the main player in Taunting The Dead, Allie has to deal with the past and keep the investigation on track. And with everyone seeming to be operating under their own agendas, that’s not going to be easy. Events are further complicated by Allie’s sister’s ongoing decline in her health, and the unwanted attention she is getting from someone sinister.

Only The Brave is a cracking conclusion to Mel’s three Allie Shenton books. The reader is kept guessing about the who and why, and the supporting cast do a good job of making our, and Allie’s job of getting to the truth difficult – not that I’m ever much cop at second-guessing an author!


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