Just read… Gray Vengeance by Alan McDermott

Gray Vengeance

Actually, that title is misleading. I haven’t read Gray Vengeance at all. Not a word. But I have listened to it.

In early May I won 🙂 a copy of Alan McDermott‘s audio book of his fifth Tom Gray  novel, Gray Vengeance, and with a plenty of driving ahead of me, it was the perfect thing for the car. Unfortunately, I was enjoying the story so much, I had to retrieve the CDs so I could carry on listening at home!

Tom Gray is ex-special forces, and he has taken a step back from his private security company to look after his young daughter. But when Britain grinds to a halt following a number of simultaneous terror attacks targeting main infrastructure, which leave thousands dead, it’s not long before Gray is in the thick of things, and chasing an old nemesis.

This is a great thriller, which takes the ‘what if?’ question to extremes. It introduces an alarming concept for ‘Big Brother’, with the NSA having live access to every connected device on the planet. I’ve not read any of the first four Tom Gray thrillers (although they are being added to the TBR pile), but that didn’t affect my enjoyment of this great thriller.

I lent the CDs to my father-in-law who enjoys listening to a good novel whilst he’s pottering about. His one-word verdict – superb!


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3 Responses to Just read… Gray Vengeance by Alan McDermott

  1. Sarah Hardy says:

    I won a signed copy of this book but havent read it yet as believe its the fifth in the series so was a bit worried that i wouldnt be able to read it as a stand alone. out of interest have you read any of the others?

    • djpaterson says:

      No I haven’t. Obviously there is some back story in those books, and the antagonist in this one was an antagonist previously, and maybe even a friend before that, so reading this might spoil some of the earlier books, but I enjoyed it as a standalone.

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