Just read… Before It’s Too Late, by Jane Isaac

Before It's Too Late

Boy, I read a lot of good books on holiday, including this fab novel from Jane Isaac, who I interviewed on this blog a little while ago. This was the only physical book I took with me; the rest were all Kindle versions. But this one I was extra careful with (no creasing the spine) as it was my signed copy from Jane’s book launch.

Following an argument with her British boyfriend, Chinese student, Min Li, storms out of a Stratford-upon-Avon pub, and is abducted. CCTV and witnesses offer few leads. DI Will Jackman is tasked with finding her, but with few leads to go on, and a second Chinese student also disappearing, it’s looking like an increasingly difficult task.

Before It’s Too Late is a great crime thriller. I loved the lead, Will Jackman (a departure from Jane’s previous protagonist, DCI Helen Lavery), who is coping with a very different set of personal issues compared to the now hackneyed image of fictional detectives (no broken marriage or alcohol problems here). In some ways, there are a few similarities with the Mark Billingham book, Time of Death, I reviewed not too long ago (another holiday read), where we have a kidnap victim being held in a dark pit in remote place in the country, and we get to hear their thoughts throughout the story. I thought Mark’s book was great, and I’m pleased to say that this one is too.

Some nice twists and turns, strong characters and great writing come together to make this a wonderful book.


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