Just Read…The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die, by Marnie Riches

This one’s been sitting on my Kindle since April, and I only got round to reading it on my recent holiday. Boy, it was worth the wait!

When an apparent Muslim terrorist bomb explodes at the University of Amsterdam, Detective Paul van den Bergen ropes in English exchange student, George (Georgina) McKenzie to help flush out the people responsible. But the bomber has a much more personal role for George to play than anyone could have possibly imagined.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die is a great crime thriller. I found it very hard to put down. George, as the main protagonist, is a wonderful lead character, with aging detective Van den Bergen, hovering somewhere between a father-figure, and potential older lover. The chemistry between them works well, even if van den Bergen is a little careless involving George in the case in the way he does. There is a parallel story running back in London, with Ella Williams-May and her petty criminal mother, and I only sussed the link between the stories a page or two before the reveal. One book in and I’m already a big fan of Marnie Riches.

The next book featuring George and van den Bergen, The Girl Who Broke The Rules is out tomorrow (20th August 2015)! I’ve got it on pre-order.

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