Just Read… The Lies Within, by Jane Isaac


Be under no illusions by her kind face and eloquent manner… This woman is guilty of murder.

Grace Daniels is distraught after her daughter’s body is found in a Leicestershire country lane. With her family falling apart and the investigation going nowhere, Grace’s only solace is the re-emergence of Faye, an old friend who seems to understand her loss.

DI Will Jackman delves into the case until a family tragedy and a figure from his past threaten to derail him.

When the police discover another victim, the spotlight falls on Grace. Can Jackman find the killer, before she is convicted of a crime she didn’t commit?

The Lies Within is Jane’s third Will Jackman book, and the second book I’ve read this year with a location I’m very familiar with. This time it’s Market Harborough

The book starts with a brief prologue, showing Grace Daniels, on trial for murder, her family watching on from the gallery. We’re then taken back 10 months to find Will Jackman, who has a temporary promotion to Chief Inspector. Jackman finds himself seconded from his usual Stratford-upon-Avon base and working for the region, visiting neighbouring forces to review outstanding cases with a view to looking for links and streamlining methods of working. He’s looking at two cases, similar in their M.O., yet 9 years apart, when a body is found in rural Leicestershire. With the duty senior investigating officer already busy, Jackman finds himself thrust into a case that bears all the hallmarks of the two cold cases already on his desk. But with that opening prologue, we know this isn’t going to be a straightforward murder mystery.

This is another great book from Jane, with believable characters and a storyline that feels very real. Jackman’s personal life is just as complicated, and threads laid down in Beneath The Ashes develop further, but in a way that adds depth to the story, and doesn’t get in the way of it. And when I wasn’t really expecting one, there was a nice little reveal at the end.


The Lies Within is published by Legend Press and is released on 2nd May 2017.


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