Just Read… The Boy Who Saw, by Simon Toyne

The Boy WHo Saw

Only one boy can see the darkness.
Only one man can save him from it.
Finishing what was begun’

These are the words written in blood beside the body of an elderly tailor who has been tortured and murdered in the ancient town of Cordes.

He leaves behind a cryptic message for his granddaughter and her son, Leo one that puts them in immediate danger.

When the mother and child are forced to go on the run, accompanied by the enigmatic Solomon Creed, they find themselves hunted across France, on a journey that will take them into the heart of Europe’s violent past.

What begins as small-town murder will become a race to uncover a devastating secret dating from World War II. The few men who know the truth are being killed by a powerful organisation, and only one man stands in its way.

Only Solomon Creed can stop the murders.
Only he can save the boy.

The Boy Who Saw is Simon Toyne’s second of a proposed five Solomon Creed books. And who is Solomon Creed? Well nobody knows, not even Solomon himself. The first book, which I reviewed here, introduces Creed walking away from a burning plane wreck with no idea of who he is, but with the sure knowledge of why he was in Arizona: to save James Coranado. But Coranado was already dead.

In this second Creed book, Solomon is trying to track down more clues to his identity, following the only lead he has – a label in his tailored jacket telling him it was made for Solomon Creed, along with the French tailor’s details.

As with the first book, we get to follow two tales: In this novel, Creed’s efforts to keep the tailor’s grandson (and the boy from the title) safe, but also the tale told by Herman Lansky of his time in a German WWII concentration camp, Die Schneider Lager. Could Solomon be the ‘pale man’ who walked into that camp 70 years ago, despite him now not looking anywhere near old enough? Or does the psychiatrist, Magellan, perhaps hold the key to Creed’s true identity? Well, I’m not telling you.

This is another great thriller from Simon Toyne, ticking all the boxes. There is tension from the start, and it keeps just ratcheting up.  Magellan offered an interesting side to things that we didn’t have in the first book, but… well I can’t say anything else for fear of giving things away that you will want to find out yourselves. But what I can say is that Solomon Creed is a character who just keeps on giving, both to the reader, and the characters he encounters. And Simon Toyne knows how to keep his readers turning the pages. Brilliant!

Lots of books that are from a series can be read as standalones, but I recommend that you read Solomon Creed book 1 (known as The Searcher in the USA) before tackling this one.

The Boy Who Saw will be published by HarperCollins on 15th June 2017.



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