Just read Trojan, by Alan McDermott


When MI5 learns that a horrifying new weapon is in enemy hands, agent Andrew Harvey is called in to track it down before it reaches British soil.

The clock is ticking. Andrew and his girlfriend, Sarah, also a secret service operative, have only one lead: a beautiful refugee, desperate not to lose her son. But is she desperate enough to betray everything she believes in? And will she do it in time to help them prevent a terrifying attack?

As Andrew and Sarah race to unravel a convoluted web of subterfuge and exploitation, they discover there is more at stake than even they knew. And somewhere, at the heart of it, lurks a faceless enemy, who is prepared to use everything—and everyone—at his disposal.

If you’ve read any of Alan’s Tom Gray series, you’ll be familiar with a lot of the characters in this novel. But you don’t need any background knowledge to enjoy this fast-paced start of a new series. And fast-paced it is. Andrew and Sarah are in a race against time (thriller essential) to foil a deadly terrorist plot about to be launched in London. Topical!

The story touches on the focus of many people’s attention: Islamic terrorists, illegal immigrants, and the potential of a mass terror attack. As a thriller, it is well-crafted. There is the aforementioned race against time, but also intrigue which works well as we watch our protagonists try to work out how and where the terrorists are going to carry out their attack.  In all good thrillers, tension builds. Well, the stakes in this one are clear pretty early on, and Alan does a great job of ramping things up. You can almost hear the clock ticking.

Characters on both sides of the plot are written with depth, and whilst the theme is Muslim terrorists, the story is very balanced – there are plenty of Muslim good guys here too. But it does paint a chilling picture of what could really happen in today’s world.

The Tom Gray series is excellent, and it looks like the Andrew Harvey one will be too!

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