Review: Exit Strategy, by Colleen Cross



Diamonds, Danger, and Disappearance

A Katerina Carter Legal Thriller

Out of work and running out of money, private investigator and fraud expert Katerina Carter desperately needs more clients or she’ll be forced to go crawling back to a cubicle at her previous firm, a fate worse than debt.

So when Liberty Diamond Mines CEO Susan Sullivan hires Kat to find Liberty’s missing CFO and a large sum of embezzled money, she’s eager to accept the job. But her excitement soon turns to terror when two company employees are brutally murdered.

Kat realizes that this investigation is much more dangerous than she had ever imagined when she uncovers a sinister connection between blood diamonds and organized crime. She races against time to prove it—and stay alive long enough to expose the real criminals…or her first case might just be her last.

I listened to this book via Audible, and really enjoyed it! The forensic accountant angle for a protagonist is a new and unusual one for me, but one that worked well. Katerina (Kat) Carter is struggling to keep her Practice – and her life – afloat, when she’s hired by Liberty Diamonds following a $5 billion dollar embezzlement. But the prologue showing a daughter trying to betray her arms-dealing gangster of a father gives us a steer that there’s much more going on here.

Kat is hired by the CEO to try and track down the missing funds, but soon uncovers clues to something much bigger going on. With her foolish uncle having invested much more than he can afford into Liberty Diamonds, and her own livelihood hanging in the balance, there’s a lot at stake.

Kat Carter is an interesting choice of protagonist, smart, yet vulnerable, but with a dogged determination that drives her to uncover the truth, even as the bodies start mounting up, and it’s clear that her own life is in grave danger.

Great characters, great story and great narration (even though I struggled not to liken Uncle Harry’s voice to that of Marge Simpson!)

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