Review: Sniper, by Karla Forbes


Flynn was one of the elite, a highly trained sniper in the British army who was proud of his skills and lived by a strict moral code. But even the best can crack when the stress becomes intolerable and now he’s on the rampage bearing a grudge and carrying an arsenal of stolen weapons. He believes that good soldiers are being killed because governments go to war over oil. In his twisted mind, anyone who drives a gas guzzling four by four is the enemy and deserves to die. As he carves a trail of terror and death across the country, the authorities are closing in.

But for one man, it’s become personal. Nick Sullivan is holding a grudge of his own and is hard on the heels of the sniper. But when he finally hunts down his quarry, will his thirst for revenge blind him to the fact that he’s no match for a professionally trained killer? For Flynn is the best there is. He’s a master of his craft.

This is the third in Karla Forbes Nick Sullivan thriller series. I love the concept (spoiler if you haven’t read the earlier books) of Nick falling into the profession after being an investment banker, so not being the most competent spy, but definitely the most enthusiastic (and hot-headed). And he continues to not follow orders in this very competent thriller.

This time, Nick’s pursuing a lead in his own time when an old Uni friend’s name is discovered on a list in a dead hitman’s pocket, so he’s taken Annalise on a holiday to Scotland. But that holiday becomes more dangerous and more personal than Nick could ever have bargained for.

Once again, a good story, which is very well narrated by Graig Bowles, as Nick tries to find out why his old friend, Andrew is a target, and what, if anything, links the dead hitman and the sniper who is slowly working his way north. With a hitman who decides almost on a whim who is guilty and deserving to be killed, and Nick and Annalise finding themselves in his cross-hairs, the author balances tension with humour to keep the reader interested throughout.


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