Review: The Unkind Hours, by Dwayne Alexander Smith


Steven Burns, a former major league baseball player, had the perfect life… until his five year old daughter is abducted and murdered.

With zero suspects the police are left baffled and Steven must accept the haunting loss without justice.


A shadowy stranger offers Steven an opportunity to exact ultimate revenge. Compelled by fury and grief, Steven finds the stranger’s unspeakable proposition impossible to resist, despite fears he’s headed down a path of no return.

The blurb for this novel is very enticing, and I’m pleased to say the story lives up to the blurb. Steven Burns has the chance to come face to face with his child’s abductor, but why? And how? This is a tense ride with thrills and spills, and enough surprises to keep you reading (or in my case, listening). I always enjoy a book where I cannot even begin to guess how things are going to play out, and this hit the mark for me.

I believe Dwayne Alexander Smith is a professional screenwriter, and if so, that makes a lot of sense. The story is very well-crafted and keeps you glued to your seat, and the narration by Tom Jordan is excellent.


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