Just read… Follow the Leader, by Mel Sherratt.


This Mel’s sixth published book, but the second in what I hope will become the DS Allie Shenton series.

There is no mystery in the book about who the killer is; we are introduced to him in the first sentence. Nor is there any doubt over his motivation, as that first part of the story takes us back to 1983, and the daily school playground ordeals faced by Patrick Morgan.

But whilst we may know, Allie Shenton certainly doesn’t. And Patrick has been planning his bloody vengeance for years, so is leaving no witnesses and no clues, with the exception of a magnetic letter he’s placing at the location of each killing he perpetrates.

I enjoyed the first Allie Shenton novel, Taunting the Dead, and this sequel has been some time coming, but it was worth the wait. It was great to catch-up with Allie again, seeing her home life becoming slightly more fractured, and the progression of her backstory about her sister, Karen (who was still backstory at the time of Taunting the Dead). A well-structured novel and well thought out plot keep the reader engaged from the start to the end.

You don’t have to have read Taunting the Dead to enjoy Follow the Leader, but if you haven’t, why not? Go and buy both.

This review was from a free advance reader copy supplied to me as a reviewer. Follow the Leader is published by Thomas and Mercer on Tuesday 10 Feb 2015.

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