Just read… Drive by Mark West


Now here’s a funny thing. I live in the same small market town as Mark West, and we were introduced over social media by another local author, Sue Moorcroft, but we haven’t actually met IRL. In this day and age, maybe that’s not so funny after all?

Drive, published by Pendragon Press, has just been nominated for a 2015 British Fantasy Award for best novella (well done, Mark). It’s a 100-page novella which sees David give Nat a lift home from a party that he never wanted to attend. It’s in a town David doesn’t know well, which doesn’t help when their paths cross with three young men in a stolen Audi. David is no hero type, but with increasingly deserted roads and the men hell-bent on causing mayhem (and worse) he has to use all his wits to try and survive the night, because one thing is for certain – not everyone will!

This is a great little story that I really enjoyed – well written and creating a real sense of place. Atmosphere is tense and the storytelling tight, ensuring tension is maintained at the right level throughout.

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3 Responses to Just read… Drive by Mark West

  1. markewest says:

    Wonderful review, thanks very much for taking a chance on it, I really appreciate it!

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